Our top 29 Ladies Hunting Harvests from 2017

Our top 29 Ladies Hunting Harvests from 2017

December 29, 2017

We've compiled some of our favorite harvests of 2017.  Congratulations to these women for a successful harvest, and putting food on the table from field to plate.


Chelsie Dugan and her 2017 Texas ram.


Liberte Austin with her Texas buck in January 2017.


TeamGWG's Aryanna gourdin with her 2017 archery harvest. 


Whitney Vau with her 2017 Stag harvest.


Amy Spoon with her 2017 Oregon mule deer.


Alecia Shaw with her 2017 mule deer harvest.


Sereena Thompson with her 2017 Blacktail. 


 #TeamGWG's Katherine and her 2017 elk.


 Barbra Stark Casteel with her buck of 2017.


 Sophia Ritachka  and her stag harvest.


Whitney Vau and her 2017 muley harvest. 


TeamGWG's Aryanna Gourdin and her 2017 Utah elk.


 Megan Olsen and her South Dakota muley.



 TeamGWG's Liz on her spring Idaho bear hunt.



 Chelsie Dugan and her mule deer.



 Amy Spoon with her 2017 idaho buck


Sabrina Gines' elk harvest.



 Sarai with her 2017 buck.


Callie Wolverton with her new Mexico antelope. 



GWG Co-Founder Jen O'Hara with her dad's 2017 mule deer.


 Bree Mason with her 2017 Canadian buck.



 Raven Gropp with her buck harvest, guided by TeamGWG's Heather Glenny.



 Meredith with her Montana stag harvest.


TeamGWG's Amanda Mayhew with her Canadian whitetail.


 TeamGWG's Haley faith and her doe harvest.



 Tara Ratcliffe with her 2017 Northern California harvest.


Amy Spoon and her 2017 buck harvest.


Tara Ratcliffe with her 2017 California B Zone buck.


Lora Young with her 2017 Mountain goat.


Have a hunting photo from 2017?  Email it to us at warehouse@gwgclothing.com.



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