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5 Tips for a Successful Antelope Hunt
September 02, 2016

5 Tips to Make Your Antelope Hunt Successful
By: Lea Leggitt

One of my favorite hunts to go on is archery antelope. They are very challenging to hunt with a bow, but there is more than one way to improve your odds.

Lea Leggitt with her Archery Antelope

1. Antelope usually don’t jump. If you’re hunting around fences, look for places where there are no weeds or brush to find where they are crossing. There will most likely be a slight game trail beneath the fence.

2. Antelope like to be on high points where they can see approaching predators. Look at the skylines when you're hunting, and you'll most often find them up there.

3. Female antelope (does), can have horns. If you aren’t sure if it's a male or female look for their black sideburns. A male has them whereas a female doesn’t.

4. Antelope travel in circles. If you find them at one watering hole, there may be a chance you won’t find them there the next day but will find them hitting another one nearby. For better success, you need to figure out their patterns ahead of time. Figure out what time they are watering and when they are traveling. This way you will know where to hunt and when.

5. Antelope don’t bed down in or under trees. They will bed in tall grass. While scouting or hunting mid-day you may keep a close eye out for horns or heads peeking out of the grass.


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