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GWG Releases Teaser of Upcoming TV Show, Universal Huntress
March 05, 2014


Remember a few months ago when we dropped the hint that we had something BIG in the works?!? Well, Girls with Guns Clothing has partnered with Universal Hunter Magazine to launch a brand new TV show called Universal Huntress (UH)!

Universal Huntress was picked up by the The Sportsman Channel, and you can join the adventure in January 2015!

UH is a show for the whole family, even those of you that may not be hunters yourselves. Universal Huntress will enthrall travel buffs, thrill adrenaline seekers, and encourage each and every one of you to live out your passion, try new things, and will remind you just how blessed you are to experience this wonderful world we live in. While 75% of the show will be all about hunting, the remaining 25% will showcase the girls having fun, participating in one extreme challenge after the other. If they are not scuba diving with Great White sharks off the coast of the Dark Continent after a successful hunt under the African sun, they might be hot air ballooning in New Zealand, with a trophy stack already in the salt. Every country will provide its own unique challenges in hunting and extreme sports. During the show, Girls with Guns will learn the ropes from experienced hunters, who will be their mentors and guides throughout their journey. This dream adventure will focus on real, everyday hunters worldwide, and will allow you, the viewer, to follow along as if you were right beside Jen & Norissa the entire time!

We couldn't have made it this far without the wonderful support of you, our loyal friends, family, and fans, as well as our industry partners:

Check out our sneak peek of UH above (also available directly from YouTube here), and help us spread UH worldwide!

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