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From The Other Side Of The Fence: Kayla's Story
April 18, 2014

"My name is Kayla King. I am twenty-five years old, and I am completely new to the world of hunting.  Even though I grew up in a family of avid hunters and fishermen, and had the opportunity to sign up for my Hunters' Safety course with my brother over ten years ago, I never wanted to participate...until now."

I met my boyfriend at the age of sixteen, and he got his first hunting license when he was a young boy. He has hunted every year that we've been together, and I still never found my desire to hunt.  I always supported hunters and their cause, but I always watched from the other side of the fence. That all changed this past fall...

My friend Jenifer Adams, co-owner of Girls with Guns Clothing, came to Adin, CA to hunt the Big Valley area and fill her X1 tag for mule deer. My boyfriend and his father happened to draw tags for the neighboring X3A Zone. After Jen filled her tag and brought her buck back to her dad's, I went up there to see it.  I couldn't help but notice she was filled with this passion and thrill for her harvest that I had never really seen before. I watched her as she jumped right in and began to prepare the deer for processing. She was so excited and so proud of her accomplishment, and it just hit me right then and there, that I wanted to have that experience as well.

I immediately made phone calls and inquired about taking my Hunters' Safety course. I completed the course in November 2013 and went right out and purchased my hunting license. Jen was gracious enough to set me up on a couple of pheasant hunts.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to go on my first hunt, and I counted down the days until it was time to go.

My hunts were successful and resulted in two roosters.  I am now officially on the other side of the fence, and the grass is definitely greener! I'm ready to exercise my rights as a hunter, and continue to participate in our outdoor heritage. I think hunting is such an amazing and gratifying experience. I have a great amount of respect for nature and its wildlife. I cannot wait to apply for my very own deer tag, and to harvest my very first buck. Also, as a mother, I look forward to being able to raise my son with the same beliefs and values that I have recently come to know. I am proud of my decision to join the ranks of the growing number of women hunters.  I respect and appreciate every animal that has been brought home to fill my freezer and feed my family, the same way the meat we buy at the store does. It is a way of life I am now completely dedicated to living to the fullest.  I could not have asked for a better role model than Jenifer Adams, as she has helped me so much along the way, and I'm thrilled to have discovered this new-found passion and way of life!"

Kayla King
Adin, California  

P.S. - I hope my story will encourage some of you out there to finally take the leap and personally get involved in our hunting heritage! I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world!

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