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2Girls Hunting Joins #TeamGWG!
June 05, 2014

When the term “Girls with Guns” is used, what do you think of? Wake boarders, students, martial artists, cowgirls, and musicians are probably not at the top of your list, right? Well, at Girls with Guns Clothing (GWG) we are here to tell you that GWG’s are as diverse as our great country! Team GWG has been built on a foundation of integrity, passion, and the love of our brand.

This month Team GWG is going to take some time to recognize two very special GWG’s. Girls with Guns just brought these two bright-eyed, energetic and passionate young ladies on as part of Team GWG. Morgan and Mason Baseley, who use the moniker 2girls Hunting, come with recommendations from their community, including business owners, the California Highway Patrol, and their school. This dream team of 13 year old twins are die-hard huntresses, honor roll students, competitive athletes, and advocates for conservation and wildlife management.

As active role models in the community, these young women are just as generous as they are passionate, by donating 10% of their 4-H Swine proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. Mason and Morgan both raise 4-H pigs that they will be selling at the Shasta District Fair this June. Don’t think for one second that 4-H will slow these ladies down, as they have a full hunting and shooting season ahead of them: antelope, blacktail, whitetail, varmint, and of course their favorite, waterfowl will fill their schedule.

As conservationist, this team has been involved with watershed meetings in the Butte Sink Basin, learned about laws, safety and what it means for their future from local Fish and Wildlife Wardens, and volunteering their time at a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation SAFE shoot. Morgan and Mason say,  “Our generation is going to keep hunting and shooting sports alive,” and GWG couldn’t agree more.

Please stand with Girls with Guns and Team GWG in supporting and following the story of 2girls Hunting! You can find Morgan and Mason on Facebook as 2girls Hunting, and be sure to follow their story and show your support. Please use the code 2GIRLS10 for a week long discount to honor 2girls Hunting!

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