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Catching up with #TeamGWG's Raequel Hoffman
July 23, 2015

For those who don’t know, I am a teacher in addition to being a professional wakeboarder. This season started off with me wakeboarding in evenings and weekends as much as possible while still coordinating field trip details, final group projects, and Romeo and Juliet lessons with my 9th graders. As soon as school was out, I immediately had two international, professional contests the next two weekends in a row. The first was the WWA Monster Energy Triple Crown event, with riders flying in from all over the world. It was a cable/rails and kickers event held in Woodland, California and it was a blast. I rode well, and hope to attend more cable contests in the future as this was my first pro cable contest.

Cable parks are a new sensation here in California where anyone can come out and ride a wakeboard behind a cable system instead of a boat. It’s fun, easy-to-progress, and the best workout I could ask for. My home (Sacramento) has two cable parks within 25 minutes away. They’re called Velocity Island Wakepark (aka VIP) and Wake Island Wakepark. The third-nearest cable park to my house is in Texas, so I’m a lucky girl to have this aspect of wakeboarding growing so swiftly here on the West Coast. The next event was the WWA Nautique Pro Am in Lathrop, CA. This was a boat-wakeboarding contest with pro and amateur divisions. I rode in the Pro Women’s division and was able to interview for the Sacramento news station as well: It’s awesome having events like this so close to home. When I was first getting into professional wakeboarding, most events were east of Texas, and it was awesome if/when we had competitions in Reno. Now, we are having exceeding large events in Northern California and it’s bringing notable excitement to our scene.

This week, I’ve been filming for the first of several Tige My Wake Global Challenge online wake submission contests. These are awesome because we can film behind our boats or our cables (at our advantage and time), and allow the best footage to reign! I spent the past few days working hard to obtain my best possible tricks for the “three-trick-line” contest, which will precede the “best cable trick” contest and the “battle of the cable parks” contests coming up later this summer. You can check out some of my best tricks here. Tonight, I start my first of many local Points Chase contests of the summer where I compete against my homie dudes in the Advanced (or sometimes Pro Men’s) divisions. These events are splendid way to meet and reconnect with friends in the local wake scene.

My teaching and wakeboarding skills are about to be combined for two incredible annual wakeboarding clinics/camps coming up. I’ve been a leading coach for each of these events for several years now. One of them is the Eternal Riders clinic in Alberta, Canada for kids. The other is Girls Ride the Wake, held in Lodi, CA. This is the video for last year’s Girls Ride the Wake: Watching that video nearly brings a tear to my eye each time because it showcases exactly what the event is all about: girls of all ages and skill levels having fun on a wakeboard. It’s an unfortunate stereotype that chicks on boats are only desired as eye candy (one more thing that makes the boat look good along with the superfluous 10 speakers). At Girls Ride the Wake, we defy that stereotype and recognize the fun, skills, and progress that girls bring to the boat. From watching little girls attain their first times getting up, to watching my girlfriends do insane, stylish spins into the flats, I can’t get enough out of it! Each year, I see how tough girls are at falling hard, getting back up, and trying again to land the tricks that they want to learn. The feeling I get when a camper lands a new trick is just incredible, no matter how advanced the trick is. The excitement in the camper’s eyes is always a heartfelt moment for me, and it’s something I also become stoked on when my students learn skills in my English classes. I’m blessed to be able to feel that same type of satisfaction in both of my jobs.

I’ve had a past of trying to hide details of one job/lifestyle from my other job/lifestyle (so as to seem more dedicated to one rather than the other), but I’m done now. I’m comfortable showing my wakeboarding accomplishments and skills to my students and staff-colleagues, and I’m also fine with admitting to my sponsors that I also have another consuming-but-rewarding job—a job that also gives me health coverage without a deductible so I don’t need to be afraid of trying double backflips at the cable this summer. And THAT is what we call foreshadowing in an English class!

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Gina Hoffman
15 Jan 22:54

Wow! What a way to pull it all together. Leave it to Raequel!

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