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Get to Know #TeamGWG's Bree Boland
November 02, 2015

We recently had the chance to chat with TeamGWG's Bree Boland.  We all know she's a beautiful Canadian huntress who enjoys spending time outdoors, but did you know there's one thing she just can't say no to?  Read her Q&A to find out more!


Full Name: Breanna Maggy Louise Boland
Nickname: Bree
Where you're From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Favorite GWG Fashion Piece: My "Crossing Pistols Tee." I can wear it out hunting, or dress it up for a night out. I love how versatile it is! And it just looks so darn good! My go to is usually my black one.  Shop the Crossing Pistols Tee here >
Favorite Song Right Now: Roots & Wings by Miranda Lambert, honestly, anything by Miranda Lambert, Im a little obsessed!
Best part about being on TeamGWG: Being on Team GWG is such a honour. Being on a team of fellow huntresses who have the same passion for the outdoors as me is really amazing. Each of my team members inspire me in one way or another. Its great to support other huntresses and make a name for us all! All of us Team memebers are so lucky to be apart of a company who does everything they can to support us and make us feel proud to be on TeamGWG!   Meet all of the TeamGWG ladies here >
People would be surprised to learn I've never: Hmm...this one is a hard one. Im pretty much a open book! People would be suprised that I have never not been upset when leaving my dogs. My dogs are like babies to me and every time I leave them even for a hour I act like I'm leaving them forever! Haha
GWG Must-have hunting gear: Definitely my "Midweight Mossy Oak Breakup" hunting coat. It is just the perfect weight, you are always the perfect temperature when you wear it. I like wearing my Midweight pants that go with it, its the perfect set. Both of them are the best fitting, and most comfortable hunting gear I have ever worn!   Shop the midweight hunting gear here>
One food I can't resist: Cheetos...any kind of cheeto, especially Jalapeno ones. I can never have enough!
Most memorable hunt: My most recent Black Bear hunt with my boyfriend Nathan. It is always special to make hunting memories with him. This hunt meant so much to me because the last 3 years we went out numerous times trying to harvest my black bear but was always unsuccessful. But this year was my lucky year and i was finally able to harvest a beautiful black bear. It felt so amazing to know I accomplished something I was working towards for years, especially with Nathan by my side.
If you looked in my purse you'd find: Kleenex (because for some reason I am like always sick!), A love note from my sweet boyfriend that I always carry with me, soppy I know LOL,  and you would most likely find bullets...oh, and a red bull. 
On the weekends you can find me: At my Family's farm in a little town called Hill Spring in Southern Alberta. You can find me relaxing with a cup of coffee on the front porch looking at the beautiful mountain view, or out driving, listening to country music and scouting animals for whatever tag I happen to have. My family calls it Heaven on Earth because it truly is! If you haven't been to Southern Alberta, make it a destination to go to! You will not be disappointed. 
Rifle of choice: Marlin 25.06 is my go to
Favorite Hunting Season: Definitely White Tail Deer season in Southern Alberta.
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