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These Boots were Made for Walkin' and so Much More
March 30, 2017

This review originally appeared on She Lives Outdoors.

by Haley Faith

These boots were made for walkin, but that's NOT all they'll do. Muck boots have had a reputation for being reliable boots, and the Girls with Guns Mucks are no exception. Whether I am hunting, scouting, hiking, or tending to my farm animals, these boots have kept my feet warm and comfortable throughout all my adventures.

These muck boots are the best hunting boots I have owned to date. I purchased my first pair of mucks back in 2009. At the time, the Muck Boot Company didn't offer hunting boots specifically designed for women. In the past, my Woody Max Muck Boots were too tall because they were unisex. When I bent my legs or kneeled, the top of the boot would rub against the backs of my knees. Because the Girls with Guns boots are specifically designed for women by women, the fit is perfect. I am only 5'3', and the top of the Tall Arctic Hunter boots sits right below the back of my knees.

The tread on these boots is also a plus. The rugged tread is great in the snow, as well as on ice. These boots have even worked great for climbing on trees. 

While the features mentioned are great, the biggest thing I need in a hunting boot is warmth. The GWG Arctic Hunters definitely get the job done when it comes to keeping your toes toasty. As someone with Reynaud's disease, I am hypersensitive to the cold. It is imperative that I find gear that will keep me warm and ultimately keep me comfortable in the field. These muck boots are fleece lined and have 5mm flex foam (which is the thickest I've found for a woman's hunting boot). 

These boots also have removable padded insoles. The padded insoles add support and cushion when you are walking, making them extremely comfortable. I really love that the insole is removable though. Because of my Reynaud's, I also use Thermacell heated insoles in my boots. I only use the Thermacells when I am sitting still for hours in a tree stand though. When the insoles are removed, my Thermacells fit perfect in the boots. I can still wear my hunting socks, have my inserts in, and not worry about squished toes.

The only thing to watch out for is these boots could cause your feet to over-heat. You will need to choose your socks wisely. Some people think thick wool socks are always necessary, but that isn't the case. Extremely thick wool socks can cause your feet to sweat when wearing these boots. Once you stop moving, this will cause your feet to get cold. I recommend investing in a good pair of moisture wicking sock to pair with these boots. I would also pack a spare pair of socks in your hunting bag. If your feet sweat on the walk to your stand or duck blind, putting a new pair of socks on will ensure your feet do not get cold. 

If you are interested in the GWG Arctic Hunters, you can get them here. You can receive 15% off these boots, and other GWG gear by using my code HALEY15 at checkout. 


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