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Lea Leggitt tests GWG's Women's Hunting Rain Gear
October 21, 2016

By Lea Leggitt

Lea gives GWG Rain Gear 2 thumbs up

While out hunting for weeks at a time the weather can be an unpredictable element.  Finding rain gear in the right size, that isn’t too noisy and that will actually keep you dry can be almost impossible, but that has all changed. Girls with Guns Clothing recently came out with their brand new rain gear and it is phenomenal.

This new rain gear has a great fit and is adjustable at the waist and legs for the perfect fit. It isn’t too baggy where you brush it on every step. It also fits well over my other layers of pants and jacket. It doesn’t create a lot of noise when you are hiking. While shooting my bow it wasn’t in the way of my string and was easy to draw my bow back with the jacket on.

While sitting in downpours and snow storms up in the high country it kept me completely dry, although you can really feel the cold so I do recommend layers under it. I love the hood and how the adjustable string for it is under a flap to keep it dry and stay down. It also dries relatively fast after being wet where you can just pack it up after the rain is done.

The only down fall, if hiking or working up a sweat it gets very hot with the gear on and you get soaked on the inside of it. It would be nice to see some breathable zippers on it.


Rain Pants & Jacket

This gear overall is exceptional and I would highly recommend it to my fellow lady hunters.

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Rachel July 29, 2016 Reply
Having the right rain gear is important when you’re going to be out in the elements for a while. Thanks for sharing WOMEN’S HUNTING RAIN GEAR. read more:

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